Benefits Of Pond Aeration

The Important Component of Gardens

Оver the last decade, ponds have gained popularity as an important component of gardens, and this has led to a higher demand for new, effective techniques for maintenance of ponds. Since ponds are expensive to construct, prolonging their life is very economical. Оne simple and effective way of doing this is through installing pond aerators.

Adding Oxygen to the Water

Pond aeration simply involves adding oxygen to the water in your pond. Maintaining sufficient amounts of dissolved oxygen ─ a very important parameter of water quality ─ in your pond helps in breaking down of decaying vegetation and other substances that provide nutrients . This process is usually carried out by microbes found either at the water or soil interface and proceeds several centimeters deep into the soil.

The decomposition of organic materials in the pond can occur aerobically or anaerobically. Aerobic decomposition occurs when there’s a continuous oxygen supply and proceeds rapidly as the concentrations of dissolved oxygen near saturation levels.Generally, the rate of anaerobic decomposition is less rapid than aerobic breakdown, and end products include organic compounds like alcohols and organic.

Decomposition in anaerobic environments is slower and incomplete compared to aerobic environments where the end product of decomposition is mainly carbon dioxide. This means that when we facilitate decomposition of organic matter in the pond by adding oxygen with aeration, there will be fewer nutrients available for excessive growth of aquatic plants as well as algae blooms.
Sometimes nature may offer adequate amounts of dissolved oxygen through rain, wind, splashing of water from a waterfall or a stream, and by photosynthesis which is carried out by the aquatic vegetation within your pond. But as nutrients are added to your pond from sources like runoff, grass clippings and leaves from the nearby trees, the demand for oxygen in the water increases. Added to the fact that water holds less amounts of dissolved oxygen in summer and its demand increases during this time, its clear why things like algae blooms, fish kills, build up of stagnant vegetation and foul odors are common during that time of the year.

Pond aeration can help nature provide the amounts of oxygen required in your pond and therefore help prolong its life. Іt will increase the dissolved oxygen concentrations and help balance the normal biological processes in the pond system. Aeration can also help to move water in all low circulation areas ─ that otherwise would have excess algae growth─ and facilitate mixing of chemical, if necessary to apply them, in the entire pond .In other words , pond aeration offers a way to clean up a stagnant pond and improve the quality of water for irrigation purposes.